Importance of Utilizing HVAC Field Service Software

Owning or managing a successful HVAC operation weighs heavily on being able to differentiate the service provided and being on the cutting edge of technology. HVAC Field Service Software allows a business to stand out and open new revenue streams with mobile field service technology. Fieldpoint offers software that caters to companies which develop, implement, install and maintain HVAC and advanced building systems.

Key Features/Benefits

This advanced software offers the ability to track profit from billing, labor and materials in real-time.

Dispatch software that has escalation rules which ensure the best service delivery, tracking and billing break/fix requests. This means no more missed service calls.

Field service management software integration with Microsoft GP connects the back-office to the techs on the spot, which means no more paperwork.

Allows the ability to close out work orders with signatures as well as images in the mobile app.

Provides a means to track service agreements and maintenance contracts. This prompts techs to manage renewals in a timely manner.

Offers streamlined and expedited billing, payroll, inventory and time sheets.

Dispatch Software

The unified platform allows service orders to be scheduled, dispatched and routed. Work orders can be searched and tracked in order to organize them from the time the call came in until they are completed. A calendar allows dispatchers to see where technicians are at the time and what their availability is. This allows better use of time as well as better routing. The tool allows HVAC to be scheduled on a dispatch board based on crews and optimal routing.

The work order information can be sent to and from smartphones, tables and laptops. This goes for both dispatchers and technicians. Even see a customer’s history, capture electronic signatures in the field to immediately expedite billing.

HVAC companies who take advantage of the application can access reports and dashboards to help identify where the profitability is as well as any revenue leakage. Custom built integrations to an existing ERP allow billing, inventory, purchasing and payroll to be tied together to streamline operations and easily realize cash flow at a glance.

There are many things to consider when deciding on field service software. Do not hesitate and let the unknown scare you away from moving forward. The proper software is available for all sizes of companies and can be tailored to meet the individual needs.


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